Great cooking classes: Eat well and do yoga with me this weekend

I am looking forward to seeing you.
Hope you have had a chance to make my delicious recipe for dark chocolate truffles. You will find this recipe along with other recipes to enhance your health and vitality on

On January 29-31st, I am teaching another “hands on” organic gourmet vegetarian cooking class; at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health: The Tao of Cookery: Vitality and Health in the Kitchen. Nutritionist Kathie Swift will be presenting nutrition info on the foods that we will be cooking with this weekend for our health and vitality. Hope you can join us:

For more information, go to my website:

And check out the NYTimes article on yoga and eating “with the senses heightened from yoga, you can taste the food….

Come and learn how to cook in a delightful setting with great daily yoga classes.

Spread the word. Thanks a lot!

Wishing you a joyful week.



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  1. You were linked to me…I am a Kripalu teacher as well in Georgia. Find me Blogging at “IN MY HEAD” and Head2Zen. Love your blog!

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