Artist Leslie Cerier takes to the Road teaching Organic Gourmet Gluten Free Cooking and more

Lots of exciting news!

I am on my way to New York City to teach 2 classes at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and Healing. Then on Monday the 15th, I will shoot a 2 and half-minute PBS segment on cooking with Quinoa. September 18&19, I head up to Rhode Island to cook and present recipes at a Gluten Free Grains Summit with gluten free grains: teff, quinoa, amaranth, and millet. Back home on the 20th to do a local cooking demo at the Garlic and Arts Festival: cooking some recipes from my latest cookbook, Going Wild in the Kitchen at 2:30PM. These recipes will feature garlic: Chinese Black Rice with Coconut Milk and Garlic and the other recipe is Quinoa, Garlic and Feta. Then on Monday, I will cook for a personal chef client. Tuesday, I will get a great massage and get ready for teaching cooking classes in my home kitchen on the 28th.

Somewhere in there, I will create some new photographs, too!

Here is the info on my upcoming cooking classes. Please register soon, early bird discounts! Class size is limited.

Hands On- Vegetarian cooking classes with the Organic Gourmet, Leslie Cerier

Salad Dressings and Dips with Fresh Herbs
Sunday September 28th 1-4PM class cost is $65 or $50 if I receive the check by Sept 14th
“Asian Cilantro”, “Zesty Parsley and Scallion”, “Sweet Basil”, “Creamy Garlic”, “Cilantro-Olive” are some of the delicious, versatile dressings and dips that we will make together. Come learn how to mix and match fresh herbs to make flavorful, quick and easy recipes that are rich without being loaded with fat.

Vegetarian Express: Great Meals for the Time-Pressed New Class!
October 5th 1-4PM class cost is $65 or $50 if I receive the check by Sept 21st
What would you say to nutritious whole grains that cook in 20 minutes? Add seasonal vegetables, some fast-track protein (think nuts, seeds, lentils, tofu, seitan) and voilà, dinner is served – a balanced, ethnically-inspired meal that’s outrageously good and so easy to prepare. You’ll get time-saving tips and discover how to effortlessly vary grain recipes using different cooking liquids (like vegetable stock, wine or coconut milk) and a palette of spices. African-Spiced Coconut Teff & Red Lentil Stew with Collards & Yams; Gingered Tempeh & Shiitake Sourdough Sandwiches with Mesclun Mix; South American Red Quinoa with Green Beans, Pumpkin Seeds and Chiles; Coconut Curried Seitan with Carrots, Cabbage & Mung Bean Sprouts; Jade Rice Vegetable Pilaf with French Lentils & Toasted Walnuts; Asian Vegetable Stir Fry with Bhutanese Red Rice and Spicy Peanut Tofu; and Corn Grits with Sautéed Onions, Kale & Optional Grass-Fed Artisanal Cheese.

Great Grains in the Morning NEW CLASS!
October 14th 10AM-1PM
class cost is $65 or $50 if I receive the check by Sept 30th

Soaked, steamed, delectably baked or griddled, what could be better for breakfast than whole grains? These powerhouses – loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants – offer ready energy, great taste, and protection against many diseases. Leslie has reinvented old favorites for this fun, informative class and added new ones that might surprise you – like teff, a tiny grain that can replace eggs in baking, and high-protein amaranth. You’ll meet super foods like goji berries and maca to pair with grains for added flavor and nutrition. And Leslie will show you how to mix and match ingredients for infinite seasonal variations. Recipes may include: Power Porridge with Oats, Amaranth & Goji Berries; Vanilla-Scented Bulgur with Dried Cherries & Toasted Walnuts; Coconut, Pecan & Flax Seed Granola with Freshly Made Almond Milk; Teff Banana Pancakes with Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil & Strawberry Sauce with Optional Yogurt; Blueberry-Maca Corn Bread; and Lemon-Poppy Seed Muffin Cake.

Eating Your Way to Stronger Bones
Nov 16 1-4PM class cost is $65 or $50 if I receive the check by Nov 2nd
An adequate supply of calcium is necessary to build and maintain strong, healthy bones. Of course, many simple and delicious foods supply this essential mineral – beans, leafy greens, soy foods, sea vegetables, nuts, seeds and a few special grains. Yet some foods increase our calcium needs and others inhibit its uptake, while others actually steal it from our teeth and bones. To cut through calcium confusion and discover delicious ways to nourish your bones, join Leslie Cerier for this fun and informative class. You will learn which foods to eat and which to avoid, how to make creamy sauces without a speck of dairy, and how to mix and match grains with vegetables for maximum calcium absorption. Japanese Rainbow Salad with Arame and Sesame-Ume Vinaigrette; Leafy Greens with Garlic Tahini Sauce; Tofu Stroganoff with Parsley-Garlic Ribbons; Chickpea Vegetable Pâté; Pan-Seared Coconut Teff Fritters; and Fresh Almond Milk & Raspberry Smoothies.

Please mail checks to Leslie Cerier
58 Schoolhouse Rd
Amherst, MA 01002

Leslie Cerier is a gourmet organic chef, caterer, cooking instructor and the author of Going Wild in the Kitchen and other cookbooks. Leslie develops recipes for organic food companies and individuals with food sensitivities, has a deep appreciation for sustainable agriculture. Leslie is also a passionate and award winning photographer. Please visit her website is


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