Teaching Organic Cooking Classes on the East and West Coast

Hi all,

Just back from teaching The Esalen Cookbook Workshop at Esalen in Big Sur in CA with my friends Charlie and Marion Casio… Charlie Casio wrote the book and invited me to teach with them, to offer some of my gluten free teff flour and teff grain recipes from Going Wild in the Kitchen; to talk about food and health and add my improvisational approach to cooking for health and vitality. We were picking, cooking and eating fresh kale and strawberries, parsley and chard from the Esalen gardens next to the Pacific Ocean, and we ate over looking the ocean!

Now that I am back, I have been cooking organic vegetarian meals for personal chef clients and getting ready to teach organic gourmet vegetarian cooking classes here in Shutesbury, MA.

PLEASE come to my cooking classes in my home country kitchen in Shutesbury, MA this Sunday April 27th 11AM-2PM: Creative Cooking with Sea Vegetables.

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables is sending some tasty samples of their sea vegetables: dulse, kelp, laver, nori and their delicious sea chips for us to eat and cook with, and there will be some samples for you to take home, too! If you are not already registered, please let me know if you are coming. There is room for you!

ON May 11, a special Mothers Day class, Eating Your Way to Strong Bones. Men and women are welcome!

Do take advantage of the special prices for registering for 2 classes or saving money by prepaying 2 weeks before classes.

Here are the descriptions of these NEW CLASSES!

Cooking Creatively with Sea Vegetables April 27th 11AM-2PM

Versatile, tasty, available all year round, sea vegetables are a rich source of minerals, vitamins and fiber. Their health benefits are legendary: regular consumption has been linked to reduced rates of some illnesses and, in sufficient quantity, some sea vegetables are purported to help fight the effects of radiation, plus they’re great for the hair and skin. Alaria, arame, dulse, hiziki, kelp, nori, kombu, sea palm, wakame… learn which are best to flavor soups and which cradle sushi, which complement bean dishes and which sparkle in salads. Join Leslie Cerier, co-author of Sea Vegetable Celebration, for this upbeat and up-close look at vegetables from the sea. Quick Miso Soup with Dulse and Spicy Thai Noodles; Vegetarian Ginger Tempeh Sushi; Arame Vegetable Egg Rolls; Marinated Japanese Land and Sea Vegetable Salad; Sea Palm Stir Fry with Bhutanese Red Rice; Fried Dulse; and Dried Nettles-Kelp-Sesame Seed Gomasio.

Eating Your Way to Stronger Bones, May 11th 11AM-2PM

An adequate supply of calcium is necessary to build and maintain strong, healthy bones. Of course, many simple and delicious foods supply this essential mineral – beans, leafy greens, soy foods, sea vegetables, nuts, seeds and a few special grains. Yet some foods increase our calcium needs and others inhibit its uptake, while others actually steal it from our teeth and bones. To cut through calcium confusion and discover delicious ways to nourish your bones, join Leslie Cerier for this fun and informative class. You will learn which foods to eat and which to avoid, how to make creamy sauces without a speck of dairy, and how to mix and match grains with vegetables for maximum calcium absorption. Japanese Rainbow Salad with Arame and Sesame-Ume Vinaigrette; Leafy Greens with Garlic Tahini Sauce; Tofu Stroganoff with Parsley-Garlic Ribbons; Chickpea Vegetable Pâté; Pan-Seared Coconut Teff Fritters; and Fresh Almond Milk & Raspberry Smoothies.

On May 18-23, I will be teaching Cooking for Women’s Health at Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center in the Berkshires. Please join me! There are scholarships available through Kripalu. Please click on Cooking Classes on my website: Lesliecerier.com for more details.

And for those of you in NYC, I will be teaching these classes in September at the Natural Gourmet Cookery School.

Check my cooking class link on my website lesliecerier.com for the descriptions and all the details on how to register for all my classes.

Hope to see you soon! Happy spring!


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  1. im have crabs

  2. printing this out as healthy evidence there is good blogs

    • Thanks Adolph! Please keep checking in… I also have a new cookbook coming out and will be offering up some tasty recipes soon from Gluten-Free Recipes for the Conscious Cook published July 1st. Have a great day!

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    […]Teaching Organic Cooking Classes on the East and West Coast « Leslie’s blog[…]…

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    […]Teaching Organic Cooking Classes on the East and West Coast « Leslie’s blog[…]…

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